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Friday, January 8, 2016

imye designs Art available for printing Copyright Maja Larson 2016

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This post features Mandala Art 
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Mandala Art now available

Welcome to imye Designs blog!
This post features Mandala Art 
Please contact imye at 
subject ; imye art

for print and shipping details!
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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Meditation to meet with your Guardian Angel by Maja Larson

Meditations/ Tending your Inner Tree

“If Prayer is Asking, Meditation is receiving.”-Sonia Choquette.

The Kabbalah is traditionally held to mean; to receive. In order to receive anything we must be open to it.  So when we meditate we are creating the time and space for a conversation with our own personal Higher Self and as well the Universal Spirit that manifests in the world.

A Meditation to meet your Guardian Angel and to Plant your own Inner Tree of Life- (Read through first)
*It is a good idea when exploring the inner unknown that you remember that you are not alone, that with you always is the Universal Holy Guardian Angel. We each work with one, and they are great sources of unconditional love and light energy. I recommend you try this and write down your impressions. Then whenever you set about reading for your Self, invite your guardian angel along to guard and guide you. Self change can be challenging!
Once you have done this meditation you can do it again, whenever you feel the need for a sit faith and trust in the Universe's unwavering support for each and ever one of us, no matter what soul lessons we choose to live out and learn in the earthly realm.**

* This should be read through once, before doing, to get a sense of your journey and to better enable you to allow yourself to remain open and non judgmental of how your HGA ( holy guardian angel ) appeasers.  If it’s a teacup, it’s a teacup, if it’s a sudden smell or sound that you heart in your INNER world, then that is what you go with.
  We are changing channels so resistance is expected.  Resistance= your imagination attempting to make the energy conform to its channels, rather than allowing the energy to present itself to your mind in a way that the Higher Self is guiding. 
  My Angel has shifted shape and gender to get its point across.  When I first attempted to introduce myself to my daughters Guides and Higher Self, I got a blue Berry for the image…oddly she gets a rash from Blueberry juice on her face.., it has since shifted, but it gave me a foundation from which to start from. *

Take whatever time you intuit necessary to ground and center seated comfortably or laying down. Allow your breathing to slow and take on a relaxed rhythm.
In your minds eye see your 7 chakras as whirling orbs a few inches out of your body, starting at the tail bone, visualize a whirling red ball of energy, and then move your self up to your navel area
And again see a whirling ball of energy this time in orange. Repeat the process adding at the solar plexus; yellow, the middle chest area over heart; green, at the throat area; blue, between the eyebrows often called the Third Eye; indigo, and hovering slightly above your head; violet/white.

Once you can see the rainbow along your middle stretching over and completely surrounding  your body, begin to feel roots of energy extending out from your toes and a strong tail from your tail bone, allow your roots from both areas  to stretch down into Gaia(The Planet Earth)  reaching for the core of peace and energy at our planets center, then securely rooted open your crown chakra, just imagine it so, and open your self to the light and unconditional love of your higher Self. Let the white light wash all color from each chakra leaving them white and the color washing down thru your roots feeding mother earth.
She will answer with a stream of color from the earth to your roots and into to your aura, let what ever color she sends you fill you up and flow out into your uric space filling it up. Take a minute breath let it circulate, see your chakras filled and healed and balanced by this gift of light. Once you feel ready, bring another deep breath of white light and feel it come down and join with the stream of energy of mother earth in your heart center, forming a braided bridge of energy out in front of you.  Your Guardian Angel is there waiting to Greet you when you step off the Stair case.  Do not attempt to apply your own ideas here, allow this to be a moment of revelation instead of control.

 Where do you find yourself? , this is a place of peace where Faith, Trust and Love, Rule overall, so be at ease here your guides angels and teachers and healers meet you and greet you like the family they are. Ready to help you plant your seeds.
Take a minute, and introduce your self and your intentions in that moment, focus on why you are all gathered;To re-connect with the Source, via listening and being guided by our Hearts is definitly a good place to start. 
 Let Your Angel guide you to your garden, your joy guides (from SoniaChoquette’s –Ask Your Guides) dancing ahead showing the Heart Full way. This indeed cause for celebration, go joyful to your task.
As you reach the sacred soil to plant your seeds, you see 4 orbs of light forming a circle of light with their energy. These are your guardians, angels of the elements of your psyche. Earth (green), Air (yellow), Fire (Red), and Water (Blue).
With confidence and joy approach these aspects of your inner self, with love and joy. They are with you to help guard and guide you to your highest good, each elemental angel will appear in what ever form necessary, surrounded in the color, they may even change, let them flow. These are messengers also that help travel from the subconscious to the conscious self. Symbols of soul’s lessons as you grow into the vibration where you can accept the Love you are working to Remember. (Love hasn’t left, we are just disconnected from ourselves so from Love also.)
I enjoy making a quick circuit of energy with them, they light up in their appropriate colors in the circle, (Red, yellow, green and blue) and I fill my energy/ aura with Orange color of desire, and see above me my spirit in Purple flames, open up to the spirit, and white light is channeled down thru all the colors into a wheel of spirit, a signal fire if you will to the Universe.
Allow it to flame forth for how ever long you feel good doing so. Then release it.
In your hands, you will find your Trees seed, little gold ones, the soil at your feet is now ready to receive them.  Kneel down and with an attitude of gratitude place them in the soil and cover them. A watering can appears beside you and on it, a ten pointed star, representing Divinity.  Pick it up and pour the water of the Universe on your seed.
 At this point, if you wish to sit and speak with your Guardian Angel in this place do so, and JOURNAL your communications, sometimes what is said at first doesn’t compute.  Later though you may have an AHA! Moment and want to refer to your notes.  Thank and say farewell to your own higher self and your Holy Guardian Angel.  Give them a Hug or hand shake if you like, they are your Team, The A Team. 
 Allow your inner guides and friends guide you back again to the bridge,  as you descend absolutely confident in your path, don't look back. Be the dream you desire. See your self joining in your heart chakra, back in your body. Take a minute to readjust and breath, allow your chakras to slow and close up like roses, and pull your roots from the earth. Feel your astral body IN your body like a magnet. GO EAT something, drink a glass of water, while you journal your experience. Then let it all go, and get on with your day, let the Universe work its magic behind the scenes today!!

You can use this meditation as a template for working in a meditative state with your Holy Guardian Angel repeatedly.  For Oracling specifically you invite your angel in, no need to go and repeat this.  Use this when you would just like to connect and receive any wisdom from your angel.

Early explorations of the quasi Traditional 11 Orb tree of Life

The Tree Of Life an ancient archetype for mankind

"I do not need to pretend that I am anyone other than myself.  I do not need to feel insecure about my perceptions.  The self-cultivation that I undertake is to perfect who I am, not to become someone other than who I am. “-Deng Ming-Dao

The Tree of Life has its roots deep within Humanity’s History, Psyche and Symbolism and Culture.  Historically there are many different races of Man that have rich myths stories and traditions built up around the Archetypical image.  The Celtic peoples, the Norse , the Urartu or ancient Armenians, The Turkish, The Japanese, the Mayans, The Hindu, the Baha‘I  and the Ancient Egyptians,  to name a few.

There is also the -Tree of Life as it is found within the Wisdom of the Kabbalah.  An ancient Jewish tradition , which  many other faiths have incorporated within their own Doctrines and philosophies regardless of  denominations, Wiccans, Christians, Hermetic Practitioners also use the Tree of Life based on the Kabbalah  in their philosophies, and practical rituals as well.
  It is a rich tradition whichever the denomination it is found. It is a living symbol, one that requires care and attention.  The Tree in Myth and Story, as well as Ancient Religious works symbolizes growth and connection, relationships.  It has long been seen as a bridge between worlds, whether they be inner worlds or the divide between Heaven and Earth.  
The Tree planted in the rich soil, reaches upward or inward for the light or Sun, for growth and for balance and harmony.  Just as a tree trunk produces rings as it grows, so to can we begin to chart and progress along our own paths of Self Development,  through daily dialogue and journaling our  discoveries we can see  our opportunities to grow beyond the self we have currently cultivated.

The tree of life as a philosophy is a blueprint for balance and for the workbooks purposes a blueprint representing a balanced Human Being, an individual whose inner self is in harmony with itself. 

The Tree of Life and Personal Growth

It is a system that at its heart promotes Harmony, Beauty and Grace. It is a system that promotes personal growth.   As its roots stretch deep within our collective conscious and unconscious minds, it acts as a literal bridge for spiritual growth as well. It is a system that enables us to reach inward and re-connect with our Souls our Hearts and its silent direction in our lives.   When we want to live more meaningful lives it is important that we get in touch with the present moment, and this type of inner stillness is what happens when we open to our hearts to receive its love and guidance, seeing  the next step we need to take. 
In today’s breakneck paced reality, slowing down and just taking a deep breath offers great health to our nervous systems.  Meditation is now almost a common place form of recommended  therapy. Five minutes a day is all you need. 
 If we ignore our inner messages, we tend to burn out, become disconnected and disillusioned with our lives.  Daily work with our own personal inner spark helps us find a harmony that enables us to lead a life where each step is taken in faith and trust that the Universe has our back. It teaches us to rely on our own Inner Guidance system, rather than giving over this right to choose our next step to others who are really just as insecure as we sometimes seem. But by working with the Tree of Life, to develop and inner language, you can begin to rely on your own inner sense of direction. You live your life no one else does.
 So you might want to learn to trust yourself. The beauty of Self Trust and Self Reliance is that when you encourage this behavior to grow within, you also enable all those around you to tap into their own inner wisdom as well. Taking care of your self, tending your own inner tree, helps you heal yourself, and gives others around you permission to do the same.

The Esoteric Tree of Life
This Workbook is based on the Ancient Tree of Life found in the Kabbalistic and Hermetic Philosophies.
In an effort to provide a general introduction and first step into integrating the Ancient Tree of Archetypes with in the Psyche, I have greatly simplified and generalized each of the 11 Spheres meanings. I definitely encourage and highly recommend you do your own research on the subject. (Google to your hearts content, the more you look the more you will find, and that is what this is about, adding and enhancing your own idea of the tree.)  It is a very deep and rich tradition, that one book can not hope to encapsulate.  
This workbooks main focuses are primarily;
- To help us develop the Inner Connection/ Channel with our Souls/ Hearts through the language of the Tree of life.
- To bridge the gap between Conscious and Unconscious self.   Its not just memorizing definitions,  rather  its having a good idea regarding each them, then to  deepen the meaning of each of the 11 Archetypes with your own personal experiences, which you will journal. 
-To achieve this I will provide an introduction to the Tree and its 11 Archetypes with some traditional as well as contemporary meanings and attributes, Guided Meditations and exercises and play that will enhance the growth and development of your own inner dialogue.   Daily Oracling sessions will help strengthen the Intuitive Muscles, so that you begin to listen with greater grace to the quiet suggestions of your Higher Self and then ACT on them. Live them out.
(I hope to offer a deeper look into more aspects of the Traditional system, such as the 22 paths of Experience within the tree in another text book.)

“We cannot live in the future, but we can live toward the future.  It is not good to be a visionary, but it is good to be a person of vision.  We build this better world from within ourselves, and by centering our attention upon the fulfillment of our most constructive dreams and aspirations.” Manly P. Hall-

In this New Age, what seems to be more and more apparent is that we are all Students and Teachers. That we are meant to stand on our own two feet, and begin to learn what holds true value for us in our lives, and to learn the art of Discernment you need to live and experience all of life, not just what is easy or preferable. And working with the Tree of Life can offer a counter balance when life takes a tip to one side and we loose our sense of self and direction.
 Most of us are scared to be held accountable to all that we create in our lives, as it isn’t always pretty or right.   But we are truly responsible for it all. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions are powerful magnets that attract what we need for our experiences in this life. So rather than feeling like a Ship without a sail, navigating the turbulent waters of life, blind and scared.  Take the first step in changing your journey, by learning to steer the boat with faith and trust as you are guided in each step by the wisdom of your higher self, ready to enjoy the wisdom of the Heart/ Soul connection which is facilitated by the Ancient Archetype of the Tree.

I am coming along in my digital diagrams this was an early one. not my best but it works. mye

                                                      Diagram for easy reference

An Overview of the Tree of Life

“The noblest expression of man’s intuitive faculty is his ability to apperceive his own spiritual destiny.” - Manly P. Hall

The Tree of Life we will work with is based on the Hermetic Tree of Life/ Qabala and it is composed of three pillars, with 11 Archetypes. (See Diagram and keep it next to you while you read it makes it simpler to approach.)
I have included some of the traditional associations for each of the Archetypes, as they can offer a starting point for some. For instance, if you have really enjoyed learning about Angels, you can approach the tree through each archetype Angelic Association. Or if you are more artistic, you can approach the tree through its color. There are many ways to personalize your learning, take some time to see what works best with you. I found that it really made me more aware of Gardening and that when I work with my personal self I get very Flowery in my speech and seem to want to use the word Cultivation a lot. What ever brings you to the idea, works, you will grow onto other ways to explore the Tree of Life at your own pace.
I have also included a guided meditation that you can re read into MP3 for yourself so you can let go a little better or just read as you go. Keep your journal handy.  These meditations are to allow you to experience a bit of the imagery of the tree, develop your power of visualization and to discern how you interpret the Archetype; each person is unique and so to be there experience with the symbolism within the Tree. So write it down, don’t judge.  It is an exercise to show you what already exists within your imagination and psyche.
I encourage you to draw, or write or simply clean house when you are done meditating. It is important to ground yourself physically after a large amount of mental work. Balance is paramount.

To help us along, each archetype over time has been assigned traditionally;
-an astrological sign and Tarot trump to give us tools to access intuitively the knowledge contained in the sphere
(Over the years, many other symbols have been added to illuminate the Spheres like acronyms or AKA, also known as.  Which isn’t a bad way to imagine it, for example, The Higher Self; aka; new beginnings, aka, The Source, aka, The Spirit, aka God, aka The Urge the Idea, etc...?)
 Thru meditation we can dialogue with our own inner ideas about the symbols with some surprising results.  We can help create a foundation for further learning by study of the assigned correspondences.  But eventually there will be no real thought there will be Intuitive Reason or ‘Knowing’ what the Archetype represented is expressing.  We will become so familiar with the system that we, like the metaphorical Secretarial Agent, have Oracular knowledge of our tool.  Letting our Higher Self use the Language of the Tree to speak volumes to us.   Giving us the tools to transform our lives and live more creative existences with confidence and with the means to bring light to the situation, confident to rely on our own inner knowledge.

The Eleven Archetypes for Personal Growth

Working from the Source or Crown down;

1- The Higher Self
2- The Creative Self
3- The Silent Self
4-The Constructive Self
5- The Restrained Self
6- The Balanced/ Soul Self
7- The Feeling Self
8- The Thinking Self
9-The Emotional Self
10- The Personal Self
11- The Knowing Self

As you will see on the Diagram (which you have next to you for easy access), each of these aspects of ones self is connected to one another. The Tree of Life is indeed a blueprint of the relationships between the different aspects of our inner self. They all lead either to spirit or to the physical world, and revolve around the archetype for balance and harmony. All helping to keep one another in balance. So if one aspect of our inner self, our inner tree is neglected we will notice that it’s opposite manifests within our lives in someway. If we are over indulging, constructing for the sake of it, we will find the behavior eventually destructive as we intuitively try to restore balance within our selves.

A healthy dose of honesty is needed in Oracling, in order to understand what Archetype within you is out of balance, you need to be objective. That is why the exercise of Oracling includes listening to the Heart or Inner Voice. To help get past the 'definitions' to what truly you’re higher self is working to convey by drawing your attention inward.  Catching yourself so to speak or 'stalking of the self' as Carlos Castaneda wrote. The cards are simply a physical echo of the inner process of self working with self. And ultimately become secondary to simply listening to your inner voice, with Faith Trust and Love.
The associations introducing each sphere are traditional correspondences from the Hermetic Kabbalah. And can help bring to light an overall impression of each Archetype. Take some time to look up the astrological connections of the planets, and for those who enjoy Angel lore, check out the Angelic associations.

The Three Pillars of the Tree of Life

The Pillar on the Left represents the idea of Form, or Restriction, Negative Energy as it is often referred to as the Pillar of Severity.
The Pillar on the Right represents the idea of Force, or Release Positive Energy as it is often referred to as the Pillar of Mercy.
The Third Pillar is the one down the center of the Tree of Life diagram. It is the Pillar of Balance or Integration, all the archetypical experiences aim to bring to balance and peace the opposing aspects or complimentary aspects of our inner Self.  
The Archetypes located on each of the Tree pillars do to some degree take on their overall tone. The Archetypes on the left pillar all deal in some form or another with Negative ideas, not negative as in bad, rather negative in the bigger sense, as in attractive force, non action.  Faith (3) is an aspect of Spiritual Maturity and acceptance, as is Inner Discipline (5) and Intellect/ Intelligence (8).  They are all reflections of one another So Archetypes 3, 5, and 8 are on the left pillar, and from a bit of study one can see the tone of their pillar echo in their meanings.
On the right we have Archetypes, 2, 4 and 7.  The Creative Abundance (2), Spiritual Virility finds itself as well in Order (4) and beauty (7). 
The Archetypes located on the right pillar have in common a pouring forth, of abundance of Positive ideas active energy. 
The archetypes located on the center pillar deal with integration of the two opposing pillars, as well as a growing upward. The Source of Spirit, our Higher Self is along that center pillar
Representing the ultimate integration of self with self. 
On the center Pillar we have Archetypes 1, 11, 6, 9 and 10.  It is definitely worth the effort to study these Archetypes in groupings such as their pillar as it helps develop the relationships between them to a deeper degree.

You can also study the tree based on the Color wheel, primary colors and secondary colors.
The three primary colors Red, Yellow and Blue all correspond to Archetypes 4, 5 and 6. The Constructive and Destructive Self’s and the Balanced Self. The Secondary colors or complimentary colors come from mixing the primary colors, or the colors of the soul with each other, producing the colors of the Personality. Or Archetypes 7(green), 8( Orange) and 9 (Purple). When you mix all pigments together you get black or archetype 10, but if you mix all colors in the light spectrum together you get White Light or Spirit archetype 1.

On the tree so far we have pointed out the 11 archetypes, and the three pillars they are located over.  The paths between them are also as important, as they illuminate the experiences between each of the Archetypes. Each Archetype has a part of another and gives of itself to the next one.   In the next Workbook, we will cover the 22 paths.  And their lessons of wisdom and understanding.
(For those who are however familiar with the Qabala, the Major Arcana can be laid along the paths to illuminate the lessons to and from the 11 Archetypes.)

The Three Aspects of the Self

For study I have broken down the Tree into the three aspects of the Self, (there are many other ways to break it down, you can have fun with that later. This breakdown is to facilitate your exploration into the generalities of the Tree as well how it can be used for growth personally. (You can see this break down on the Diagram, encircled areas)

  • The Archetypes of the Personal Self, 10, 9, 8, 7
  • The Archetypes of the Higher Self/ Soul 6, 5, 4
  • The Archetypes of the Divine Self/ Spirit 3, 2, 1

We will study the Archetypes in that order. Beginning with the 10 or the most immediately relevant to ‘us’ the Personal Self.  And proceed numerically up the tree or back to 1.
Metaphors are great learning tools as well, and the Tree of Life has many associated with it. They are good for the mind and help open the inner dialogue through the imagination.
For a metaphor that you can use as a tool of meditation, try thinking about the Tree as an example of the great cosmic event known as the Big Bang.
Before the Divine Self (1) there was nothingness. Then it exploded into creation starting with the Divine Self (1) a burning white hot creative source, made entirely of energy.  Its life energy expanded out into the Universe faster than the eye can see. Like a wave or an echo.  Out of that bang the Divine Self split in half, equal and opposing.  Echoing that creative split each one of those dualities gave birth to another. Until at the furthest point we have the personal self. The cool concrete physical echo of the Divine self.  As the divine self got further and further away it became cooler and rock hard. Encasing the spiritual energy within.  Each archetype giving birth to the next or a new layer of selfhood is added as the Spark cools.
This idea makes a wonderful tool for contemplation. Are there any other metaphors that spring to mind as you study the tree?
As I was rocking my now 6mth old child to sleep the other night, I noticed that his nightlight illuminated the Mobile over his crib.  I like the mobile as a symbol for the Divine Self, around which all creation owes its self to.  The spiral in the Card design comes from this.  The way the nightlight lit up the mobile, I realized with a jolt, that it was the Tree of Life staring back at me from the shadows on his wall. 
The angle allowed the stabilizing bar to look like the middle pillar, and the crisscrossing arms on top, cast shadows that looked like the two side pillars.  The stars hanging from the mobile also hung down on the appropriate locations for the Archetypes…so perhaps one can look at the Tree of Life as a literal design for our solar system, or the idea of a system. When light is shone upon the Tree it stops looking 2 Dimensional, and takes on space.  The center being the Sun with the planets revolving around it.  It was an amazing synchronicity to experience, and really deepened my understanding of the Tree.
This is the best part about what you are going to begin studying; the tree and its mysteries take a lifetime to reveal. You don’t have to GET it, right off the hop. It’s a Growing system, so it grows with you for your whole life, taking on new meaning and depth as you do. As your consciousness grows so to will your level of experience on the Tree.
So whether you are after esoteric secrets or just an inner sense of balance, the Tree of Life is a wonderful Oracle to keep with you and help you on your path. Your own journal entries and meditations with each of the Archetypes will add to you understanding. And eventually you may disagree with my brief definitions.  Rather than this being a negative thing, it’s actually the whole point. This workbook is a diving board, a place to start. The sky is the limit as to where you take it and what it will evolve into for you. You will be able to share its mysteries with other who study its wisdom and even though you have varied and different understandings of the Archetypes, their core meanings are Universal.   So don’t let your emotions get the better of you. There is no finish line with this system. Only a starting point. Everyday look out with the Eyes of your Divine Self (1) and start with a fresh perspective on your life and how you live it. 

Early Material regarding the Tree of Life

The Tree in Me
by Maja Larson 

I was introduced to the Tree of Life, as I have come to understand is the Way for me, via books and coincidences.
 I have long been interested in the Esoteric World, or Occult world. As a child I loved everything Egypt, its influence wove its way into my art and outlook on life.  I wanted to be an Archeologist, and Discover and unearth new secrets from the Olden days, lol.
As I grew up, it morphed into a love of the Runes, via my Icelandic Heritage, and my family’s love of Gimili, Manitoba.  One of the first Icelandic Settlements in Canada, we spent our summers there and it will always hold a very special place in my heart.  Indeed there were times where it was easy to believe it was home to the Gods (which is what Gimili translates to.)
I strayed a bit over the Tarot, but it made no sense to me how folks could predict someone’s future with the definitions provided.  And since I was learning through books and synchronicity, well I let it go. Which is just as well as at this point in my life, A Course in Miracles made its first among many appearances, along with a box full of books that came from my late uncle Jack.  I was hooked, he must have spent a great deal of time at the Toronto Theosophical Society, a great deal of his books are second hand and from there…among the many he left behind were;

Alice A Baileys “A Treatise on White Magic”
Helena Blavatsky’s “The Secret Doctrine”
Israel Regardies’s “A Garden of Pomegranates”
Gareth Knights “Vol 1&2, A Practical Guide to Qabalistic symbolism.”
As well as many on Karma and the Eastern philosophies.

My mind was expanded to say the least, and I continue to learn totally new things from these Teachers when I return and open them  again and again.
I secretly wished for some kind of Guru, and my guides ,though I was basically unaware of them at the time, kept sending folks that were self taught too, to remind me that in this New Age we are all holding our own Lantern’s like the Hermit in the Tarot.  We are all teachers and guides, and all carry the divine spark inside us. 
So slowly but surely Involution began to take place.  It rippled out of me in all sorts of interesting combinations. 
The Tree of Life stood out among all the tools I had been gifted with by chance and tradition.  I am by nature and visual girl, and the laws of color really had my attention, and I saw this immediately on the tree. So via the law of color and the Chakras I made my way in.  As challenging as it can be to go solo in our spiritual journey, it also is very liberating; the only one I bothered with all my questions was; myself.
At first my understanding of the Tree of Life was very surface and definition orientated.  But gradually as I re-read and started to see the various Sephiroth of the Tree’s energy manifest in my life, my knowledge of the tree began to finally evolve into an Awareness of the Tree within me. All this information was now informing my inner world, and shifting its landscape and armed with a new understanding about the practical side of Intuition, I again faced that Inner Tree.  Now though I could delve deeper and communicate with the Denizens that represent its energies, with a feeling of connection and safety. 
It was then that the Oracle of the tree started to speak and I started to listen.  We all have an inner tree that whispers in the breezes of Spirit, I am not unique in anyway.  So I made a deck of cards based on the 11 major archetypes presented on the Tree.  And began daily to tune into the wisdom it provides.  I also finally could relate the Tarot, as they can be laid on the 22 paths between the 11 spheres on the tree.
For 10 years now, I have been working with this; deepening the roots of my inner tree, and watching it stretch high into that internal sky to receive the light of my higher self.
When facebook came about, it was at a time, where I no longer wished my life to be so divided, I wanted to connect daily with the tree and share it under my own name and not some pseudonym, and seek out like hearted others…which I came across in droves!
What I ended up discerning for myself was that I wasn’t interested in telling folks what their future held, rather I understood, that NOW was were our true power lay, the gift of the Present moment.  So how could I help others stay in the NOW, and find their next step to a meaning filled life? 
The Tree of Life Oracling group helped me see that for each individual there is a tree, and opening up intuitively to each persons energy and Guides enabled me to see on their tree which sphere needed attention, and could help point the individual in the right direction. SO why didn’t it and to this moment continues not to interest me in helping people to see what lies ahead?
  Logic, actually.  IF what truly matters is happening NOW, then the future is really just an illusion and a shifty one at that. There are amazing folks who can tune into that vibe and read accurately, but I am not one of them. If you want to get married, then make space for marriage now; ask your SELF what you can do now to bring this desired result. 
It all kept coming back to making sure folks started to ask themselves what they wanted or saw in their future.  Helping people learn that they have an inner group of souls dedicated to helping them grow, and meet their soul’s purpose on earth at this time.  Besides have you ever tried telling someone what they don’t want hear?  Generally doesn’t work. Also I realized that it is a waste of energy to spend more time on helping someone than they were willing to do for themselves. 
Slowly out of all this ,a workbook was forming, one by me as a practical guide, a journal that kept track each time I consciously climbed the tree and invited its Divine Principals into my space, or as I opened  up to it, I finally remembered that as ‘Above so Below’ still applies to your reality. 
What ever your Focus is, well that is your reality. (For more on this check out my blog, -, I am journaling my impressions as I move through the workshop, to reinforce the value of my lessons.)
The most frustrating and divine thing about working with the tree of life is that it is a Living evolving Oracle.  There is no finish line, or reward, using the tree as a metaphor, there is only a new branch to explore an new height to strive for.  This for me was the greatest gift I have received on the inner planes, aside from God’s love. Which we all have regardless.
I am ecstatic, to be able to say with absolute confidence that I will continue to grow and learn and be inspired for as long as I choose or as long as I live, due to the trees wisdom.
Why wouldn’t I want to share this realization, this new trust in the Divine Spark inside each of us?
The Living Oracle is a wonderful tool for personal growth.  Often we are blind to that next step, working with the tree intuitively gives us that clue to the next step, not the guarantee, just the opportunity to take it and recognize it for what it is, conscious living.  We avoid looking inward to avoid realizing our own status as Co-creators in our realities.  Its not easy to learn to walk, especially when we have let others tell us how to, instead of stretching our own souls legs and giving it a shot. Trusting in our own divine connection, and allowing for our fellow man to do the same.
I was musing over the influence of the 5th sephiroth/archetype the Mighty self, or Restrained self, last week as part of the workshop, and Mystery kept coming to mind.  And as I typed this, the meaning came through, MY-stery, or how about MY – Story, life is an evolutionary process, as is our inner journey.  So having all the answers defeats the whole point, and robs you of your Story, your journey to discover what your Soul is here to learn and grow from, on its journey to Spirit.
When I give my mini readings, its based on what I see on your inner tree, or what I am allowed to share with you at this time.  A place for you to place your awareness that will allow you to find your footing.
No more and no less. 
My real passion is helping you to help yourself, to help you speak in the language of trees, so that your own personal growth can sustain you for the rest of your life.  I am far from finished learning, and don’t consider myself an expert by any means, rather an enthusiastic light worker who is happy to share what has worked so well for her.
Fostering self reliance in my self and others is my goal with all of my tree of life efforts.

Already the results in my test workshop have exceeded my expectations and helped me again refine the workbook to meet those needs that arise during the trial and error process.  I am far from perfect, as is this workbook, and make no claims to the contrary.
I am great full for every perfect moment of clarity as well as for every time a branch snapped under my weight, all serve to help me get where I am right now, which is the only place I want to be.
Here and now in the present moment.

M.Larson June 15/2011
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

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